Billy White "El Blanco" did the music Takayaki Yoshida played the mouth harp on El Blanco's composition...arigato! Jimmy Ray acted as the Muse Ursula Malecki did her design stuff and Anado thinks it cooks! Adriana Zehbrauskas - New York Times Ann Summa - Los Angeles Times Fernando Aceves Richard Schultz Gary Geiger Benjie Nelson Michael Sudheer Donated their photography skills


Shrine/ Assemblage Workshops In a playful and meditative atmosphere, Anado facilitates and encourages participants in their journey. You will learn to construct your own personal shrine or altar. You will also create your own construction honoring just about anything your heart desires. You will incorporate collage, assemblage, painting, and sculpture based on the sacred art of placement . These workshops are available upon request at Anado's La Cieneguita studio. Scheduled workshops both in Mexico and the United States will appear on this site from time to time. Workshops vary from 4 hours to 2 days or a 6 week immersion of one meeting per week.

the story of Anado

Anado has led an exciting, glorious, laborious, irreverent, spirited, delicious, ordinary yet eventful life. He was born in Oklahoma and spent his first 19 years there. At age 20 his soul was psychedelicized and the imprint of the late 60's has been an important barometer for him ever since. He tried not very hard to obtain a college degree before being lured to the streets of New York City. However, He does have an advanced degree in Street Smarts having driven a taxi in New York for 9 or so years. He lived all over downtown in Manhattan during the 1970's. His creative life was focused around poetry and performance art. At the end of that ferocious decade, he went to India to be with his Spiritual Teacher and stayed in his community for 11 years before resurfacing in the "real world" as a landscape designer and artist in Marin County, California. The expansiveness of the inner and outer world in Northern California was so rich and nurturing and his connection to earth based spirituality took him to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. This was another important hallmark in his life. Anado's art work revolves around the recipe of his inner travels coupled with his varied life experience. He combines all that is "there" and then adds more to reflect his interpretation of the Mystery. His art is an irreverent gumbo of the creative, joyful, sacred, profane, dangerous and adorned. Anado moved with his partner Richard Schultz to Mexico in 2001. They settled on the outskirts of the small village of La Cieneguita which is across the tracks and down the road form the city of San Miguel de Allende. They are creating a life project together known as Casa de Las Ranas. Their home, situated on 2.5 acres, is a homage to the Outlander viewpoint....visionary and purely original. The property also houses Anado's gallery known as the Chapel of Jimmy Ray. You can refer to Anado's blog for updates and fanciful yarns about the Gallery and his "relationship" with his mythical muse, Jimmy Ray. Please refer to the links page for more info about Anado and Casa de Las Ranas...it is an evolving story..... Anado leads workshops in Shrine/Assemblage and provocative necklace assemblages. Please contact Anado for further information. Anado's ultimate intention is to learn the Art of Sacred Placement by keeping his ear to the ground and his eye to that which provokes. And hopefully tell a good story with his Work. I have heard of a Native American elder who said that the purpose for the Hopi people’s existence is to pray for the rest of the world. This act of prayer is not limited to only sentient beings but includes all of creation in every imaginable realm of existence. This Elder’s statement is quite remarkable. What a noble act for a small band of desert people, high on remote mesas in Arizona, wishing balance and peace for the rest of the world! Today these prayers have taken on an immense importance. I am motivated by the intentions of these elder wise men and women. My creative work is about intention. I endeavor to find prayerfulness in discarded objects. My focus is to find a beauty and playfulness in the ordinary and to enliven the mundane with sacredness not bound by religion or morality. My creative motivation is about a prayerful balance for all existence. Another elder once said, “Only losers win in this game.” I tend to agree. I extend my thanks to the wisdom of Nature. Anado McLauchlin

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la casa de las ranas

Casa de Las Ranas is a fantastic folly created by Anado McLauchlin and Richard Schultz 5 kilometers from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Tours of Casa de Las Ranas are by appointment only. Please contact Anado or Richard at: anado@madebyanado.com or telephone in San Miguel: 15 5 8044. A donation of 200 pesos per person is requested. You will enjoy your tour.

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Living Room & Kitchen

Master Room



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To Contact Anado McLauchlin: 415 155 8044 (Mexico Telephone) 155 8044 (In San Miguel) 01 52 415 155 8044 (From the US) 415-710-4807 (US Cell Phone) email: anado@madebyanado.com You may write to Anado at the following address: Anado McLauchlin 9902 Crystal Ct. #107 Laredo, TX 78045

Chapel of Jimmy Ray


From Centro Historico in San Miguel de Allende. Taxis to the Gallery are recommended. Tell the driver that you wish to go to La Cieneguita. Take Canal Street and head down the hill. Follow Canal through the Glorita (Traffic Circle) and head straight to the parking lot of the Train Station. Cut a left diagonal across the parking lot and cross the railroad tracks. Follow the asphalt road that initially curves to the right for 5km…when you see the signs for Guanajuato and Atotonilco..be aware… and 100 meters past that set of signs is a small sign on the right that says Casa de Las Ranas……go right there…the small lane comes to a “T”… on your right you will see a sign for Balneario Las Grutas de Guadalupe…follow that sign….The Gallery is directly across the street from the Balneario…….Happy Trails!