My creative work is about intention. I endeavour to find prayerfulness in discarded objects. My focus is to find a beauty and playfulness in the ordinary and to enliven the mundane with sacredness not bound by religion or morality. My creative motivation is about a prayerful balance for all existence. Another elder once said, “Only losers win in this game.” I tend to agree. I extend my thanks to the wisdom of Nature.

Anado McLauchlin

Anado McLauchlin is an Assemblage/Mosaic Artist living in the countryside out San Miguel de Allende Mexico. Anado culls from his experience from travelling every which way combined with long stints in Oklahoma, San Francisco, New York City, India, the High Oregon Desert and his beloved home in Mexico. Along with his partner Richard Schultz and his trusted artistic assistant Carlos Ramirez Galvan, he has created the ever evolving Casa de Las Ranas Compound which includes The Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery. People from all over the world have made the trek to the campo in the desert highlands of Mexico to view his Folly.